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    Mobile App Development Estimate Questionnaire

    Are you planning to develop a mobile application? If so, our mobile application development estimate questionnaire can help you determine the approximate cost of your project. This form will ask you about the features and functionality of your app, as well as the timeframe you have in mind for development. After you submit the form, we will get in touch with you to discuss your project in further detail.

    Please answer as many questions as possible to get a precise estimate.

    Application Basics

    Your name (required)

    Your email (required)

    Application name (Or experimental name)

    What is the overall goal of your app?

    Are there any references or similar applications? If Yes, share details.

    Do you need assistance with:

    Do you prefer online or in-person brainstorming workshop sessions with experts?

    What is the anticipated number of app users?

    Application Development Details

    Which platforms are you planning to develop?

    Are you planning to develop an application in multiple phases?

    Is server backend ready or do you expect us to implement it?

    Do you want us to build the web services (APIs) that connect your app to your cloud database?

    Do you plan to store data on your customer’s device and then automatically sync that data to your cloud database when internet connectivity is available?

    Do you expect us to consider:

    Language support:

    What additional language do You want?

    Orientation support:

    Application Design Details

    Do You already have:

    Do You need separate designs for iOS and Android?

    Server And Deployment

    Do you want us to take care of all deployment activities?

    Preferred cloud service provider?

    Preferred app distribution model?

    Do you require assets creation like app icon, banner images?

    Application Features & Security

    Do you want your app to include support for the following:

    Third Party Integrations:

    Any security protocols or checklists we need to follow?

    Any specific security compliance like HIPAA?

    Intelectual Property

    Do you need access to the project source code?

    Do you want to build your intellectual property (IP)?

    Are you fine with shared intellectual property?

    Cost and Timeline

    What is your approximate budget for the project?

    What are the anticipated timelines for the project?

    Do You have something to add?